No truck? No problem.

Portable Storage Unit Whether you need onsite storage or just the convenience of loading and unloading in your driveway, nothing is more practical than an extra room that appears and disappears when you need it to.

The applications of the portable Space Shuttles, personally and commercially, are endless - from personal seasonal storage to temporary event storage and everything in between. The flexibility and convenience of these units are unparalleled. We can drop them off wherever you need and you keep them for as long as you need – wherever you are; or you can pack it and we’ll bring it back to the Space Station where you have 24/7 access to your Space Shuttle in our climate-controlled facility.


  • We Delivery and Pick Space Shuttles wherever and whenever you need them
  • Onsite Storage at your Location for as long as you need it
  • Load/Unload at your location
  • Have your Space Shuttle stored at the Space Station
  • Units are clean and attractive


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